November 26, 2022


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Influential Buddhist monk This Nat Han passed away | The world

Thousands of people gathered Sunday in the cradle of Vietnamese Buddhism to pay tribute to This Nat Han, the world’s leading figure in the religion, considered the father of “memory” in the West, who died 95 years ago. Old.

With slogans, the monks carry the body to the Hugh Temple through a mourning procession covered in yellow cloth and decorative umbrellas. When the scent of incense blows in the air, the remains are placed in a wooden coffin and placed in a room decorated with yellow flowers. The monks, dressed in brown and yellow, recite prayers. Believers are dressed in gray.

Deported for 39 years

Zen Master, considered the second most influential person in Buddhism after the Dalai Lama, died Saturday at Tu Hu Pagoda in Hue (center). This Nat Han was deported for decades, including 39 years in France, for calling for an end to the Vietnam War.

Meditation and Memory

Author of over a hundred books on meditation and memory, he organized retreats around the world.

Is under surveillance

After being deported for decades in support of religious freedom and peace around the world, This Nat Han was allowed to return to his home country in 2018, but he remained under police surveillance in plain clothes. His messages were not always well received because the authorities in communist Vietnam, a majority Buddhist country, were wary of organized religion. In 2009, his followers were driven out of their temple in southern Lam Dong province by a hostile mob.

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Deep influence

However, Kang An Nan Tan, considered the voice of the Ministry of Public Security, released a glowing tribute on Sunday to the newspaper, writer, poet, scholar, historian and peace activist. The article underscores that “the monk This Nat Han (Buddhist center in southwestern France, editorial note) from the village of Plum was a spiritual teacher who had a profound and far-reaching influence around the world.”

Festivals abroad and on the Internet

This Not Han’s coffin is scheduled to be on display a week before cremation next Saturday. Ceremonies are held in monasteries in France and the United States and broadcast online.

Promotes peace

Tributes were heaped on him from all over the world. The Dalai Lama lived a “truly meaningful life” with his friend and spiritual brother. “I have no doubt that the best way to pay tribute to him is to continue his work to promote peace in the world,” Tibetan spiritual leader This Nat wrote in a message to the organization. , Plum Village Community.

“The Living Buddha”

The South Korean president, who recalled the monk’s three visits to his country, praised him as a “living Buddha.” He “expressed his love for humanity through his actions,” Moon Jay added on Twitter.

This Not Han a Hanoi, in 2005 © AB

With Martin Luther King, Jr. in Chicago, 1966

With Martin Luther King, Jr. in Chicago, 1966 © AB