December 8, 2022


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Inquiry into “invasion of privacy” opened after the release of a photo of Emmanuel Macron in a swimsuit

“The investigation is ongoing” and “Investigations have been handed over to the BRDP”, the Brigade for the Suppression of Crime against the Person, the prosecution said, without stating the exact reasons for the investigation or the people targeted.

Elysee Palace said it had “no opinion” on the matter.

According to Europe 1, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron are the originators of the complaint, which targets a paparazzi, the author of the innocent photo.

The latter, according to the media, “revealed photos for fifteen days during the holidays of the Presidents”, including photos of Emmanuel Macron, “in front of the Elysee Palace”.

The photo of the president on a jet ski was taken “last year” and has already “spread in the media”, according to Europe 1 “the organizer of the exhibition asked two and a half hours” police at the beginning of the week. “

Thibault Talibard, one of the photographers at the exhibition, said he was going to be audited by police on Tuesday in his hometown of War.

He said he was “most surprised” by the presidential couple’s complaint because Elysee had told gallery owner Daniel Delamere that the photos had been “disturbed” and, according to the paparazzi, “immediately removed”.

“It’s still incomprehensible,” he added, adding that the photos were “already published without much fuss at the time of most publication”.

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He continued that the exhibition was “only for the purpose of providing an unknown profession” and “not to provoke or undermine the President.” “It’s aimed at getting presidents to leave.”

“It’s a presidential tradition to even look at photos of French presidents during the holidays,” he said, “from Fort Bombido to Emmanuel Macron, including Kiskard in a swimsuit.

“The photo on the jet ski shows a young, energetic president, almost with a Kennedy-style air, so I don’t see how negative the picture is,” the paparazzi lamented, “he has done this job ever since.” Years “.