November 30, 2022


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Instagram users have reported widespread account suspensions

Instagram users have reported widespread account suspensions

By late morning many users started reporting that things were working normally again and their photos and access had been restored.

Usually a social media outage like this doesn’t last for long. Last month, Instagram said that Confirmed outage It was resolved within an hour.

Meta’s share price fell about 5 percent in early trading on Monday, after opening at $98.21. The company had a turbulent year: By Friday’s close, Meta’s stock price had fallen more than 70 percent this year. In July, her social media company reported The first drop in revenue Since it went public, it has continued to publish a slowdown in growth. This month, you mentioned it Its profits have fallen 52 percent over the previous year.

Chris Perry, a real estate agent in Arlington, Virginia, noted that he was losing dozens of followers per minute on Monday morning, before his account was suspended. His Instagram account, which had around 45,000 followers, helps him connect with potential buyers and sellers.

“It’s a huge concern for me, not being able to come back,” he said. “If it isn’t now, it’s not a huge deal. I can wait. If it gets taken down permanently, it’s a huge part of my job.”

For Beth Bordon, a public advocate in Orlando, Florida, Instagram is for fun, not business. The issues with her app started on Sunday night when the app constantly crashed while trying to scroll through her feed, she said, but her account was never suspended.

“I have a lot of friends who have young children, and they live on Halloween,” she said. “They did their best, so I know they want to post their Halloween pictures.”

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