December 8, 2022


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“Invited and eating an anchovy on the sidewalk”: A star chef scolds Macron for being kicked out of a valuable dinner

The dinner of the great chefs was held in Lyon this Sunday evening. On the guest list drawn by President Macron was Marcel Ravin, the chef who played Michelle in Blue Bay in Monaco.

But upon arrival at the entrance, a chef of Martinique descent was turned down despite his invitation. He explained the situation on social media. “I had my name card and my name ID card, but they said I was not on the list and they did not want the manager to know anything. I replied by email. An error, whatever it may be. From the moment you were called and introduced yourself, at least Someone is trying to figure out what happened, especially for that kind of dinner. Instead of leaving me there and picking up others you might have the dignity to come and see me. Not even an invitation card. Here, I’m shocked and disappointed. “

Finally, the cook goes to the nearest bar for dinner. On Facebook, along with supporting images, he expressed his displeasure: “Sad evening

Marcel Ravin sees a connection with his appearance. “Through the pictures shown … look at the error. They explain to me that we are no different. I will tell you what shame is and what it is different from. Of course, until you face it, it’s hard to understand. My children and my countless young people still have a long way to go. . “

This Monday morning, the cook awoke from the wounds he had inflicted on him and returned to his disappointment from the previous day. “Yeah I talk about my difference, my history has everything to do with it. Those who truly know me know that this is not common. I’m French Martinique, black, I’m a star cook and I’m not the best leader or organization. So I had to fight for my passion, I will continue “, Marcel Ravin, received many messages of support from the chefs who played his fellow Michelin.

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The organizer admits the mistake

When asked by AFP on Monday evening, GL spoke of the events as “an unfortunate error”. “We are sorry for this accident on our part and there is no orientation about it,” said Luke Duboncet, director of Sirha Food Brands.

According to him, “a Priory”, Mr. Ravin was not on the list because he did not answer his call. There were others like him on Sunday night, “We were able to make up for the warning,” he said.

“But we have no awareness there, alas,” GL apologized to Marcel Ravin for the incident. Dubanset added.