May 17, 2022


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Is the “Garden Party” at 10 Downing Street more of a scandal for Boris Johnson?

The emergence of another “Garden Party” in full closure plunges Boris Johnson back into embarrassment. Last May, a pot in the garden of 10 Downing Street with 30 to 40 people was subjected to severe social restrictions by the British associated with Govt disease. “Bring your bottles“Martin Reynolds, Boris Johnson’s personal secretary, has called hundreds of people, including the then prime minister and his fianc மனைவிe, since his wife, Gary, on May 20, 2020.

Probably many after one party Emerged late last year. In power circles there is already an internal investigation into the parties organized in May, November and December 2020: wine and cheese in the sun, departure drink or virtual quiz … Corruption had already developed, only the uprising. Omigron L ‘is somewhat dimmed.

One “Garden community space pot

Invitation for May “Enjoy the good weather“In a tank”With social exclusion“In the garden of the Prime Minister’s house. ITV news reveals it. At that time, the strict rules in force dictated this:”If you are two meters apart, you can meet someone outside, in a public place outside your home.

Organizations representing Govt victims are outraged. Opposition groups called for Boris Johnson to resign. The Prime Minister really shrugs off questions about his participation in such an event. “Stop lying to the English. It is time to admit everythingLabor leader Khair Stormer questioned him on Twitter.

Call to resign

Boris Johnson, instead of answering a question raised by Labor in parliament today, simply referred to the ongoing investigation by sending a member of his government to replace him. But this Wednesday, he will meet with delegates in person.

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This Tuesday, the Minister in charge of the Treasury, Michael Ellis, confronted the Commons to answer an urgent question from the Opposition, which sought to know why the Prime Minister did not appear in person to answer the questions.

Michael Ellis said the investigation was ongoing and that MPs should wait for its conclusion. He promised disciplinary action if anything went wrong.

Anthony Mullen, leader of the Conservative Party in Sunderland Council, says he does not know how the prime minister can escape the recent allegations. “I think Martin Reynolds should have been fired, and I think Boris Johnson should inevitably have followed him.“She is OK BBC Radio4.

SNP leader, Scottish Nationalist Party, Ian Blackford, has called on Tory MPs to force Boris Johnson to resign.

Jim Shannon, an elected member of the TUP, the Northern Irish Union Party, broke down in tears when he mentioned his mother-in-law, who had died of covid disease in solitude and isolation during epidemics.

This case comes on the suspicion of Funding the luxury renovation of his official residence, Making deals with friends during epidemics or accusations in favor of generous donors from the Conservative Party. According to a YouGov poll for SkyNews, his popularity has plummeted in recent months, including within his party: nearly half of the voted conservatives (46%) believe Finance Minister Rishi Chunky will be the best prime minister.

To overthrow it, a no-confidence vote within the Conservative Party would suffice.

List of embarrassing “events” under investigation

  • May 15: A photo of May 2020 shows the Prime Minister and his entourage sitting in front of a bottle of wine and a cheese board in Downing Street Garden. “A work meeting“According to the Prime Minister, who refuses to confirm his presence.
  • May 20: This “Garden Party”.
  • November 13: An evening with colleagues at Boris Johnson’s home, his spokesman denied.
  • November 27: The banquet for Prime Minister Cleo Watson’s aide is, according to witnesses, nothing more than Johnson’s speech.
  • December 10: A warm welcome at the Ministry of Education to thank the staff who worked during the epidemics.
  • December 14: A meeting “Not allowed“At the Conservative headquarters in Westminster.
  • Dec. 15: 10 Christmas Quiz for staff at Downing Street, in which Johnson attended the full block.
  • December 18: Prime Minister’s aides make fun of a Christmas party on Downing Street with food, drinks and games in a video released by ITV.
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