December 8, 2022


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It is a very popular place for Belgians on all Saints holidays

In a few weeks, the holidays of all the saints will begin. The holiday, popular among Belgians, is considered the last chance to take advantage of the mild weather. As Tui explains in his latest stats, they are leaving more and more at this time of year. The increasing vaccination rate may explain this phenomenon. If this trend continues, the number of departures in 2021 should soon be equal to the same period in 2019, so before the health crisis begins.

This year, one place in particular seems to have captivated the Belgians: the Canary Islands. In fact, despite the fire in the area, two of Tui’s three customers have chosen the Spanish island. “This is one of the main European destinations, which means there is no negative travel advice from Belgium so we can return without hindrance. All of this combined with temperatures above 25 degrees, which is a victory for the Canaries. ” Tui’s spokesman Piet Demeyer explains on our colleagues’ microphone at RTL Info.

Spain, Portugal and Greece are the most popular destinations for travelers in Europe. Outside Europe, Turkey, Cape Verde, Mexico and the Dominican Republic are winning. However, unlike other years, this year’s vacationers often opted for last-minute bookings. “And people absolutely wanted the assurance that there would be no more restrictions or changes. They hope the holiday will happen “, Piet Demeyer concludes.

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