December 8, 2022


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Italy Morocco Islamic State “Official” | The world

Morocco announced its arrest in Italy on Saturday after the jihadist group was presented as head of the Islamic State (IS) after cooperating with Italian intelligence.

In a statement, the services of the Directorate General of Regional Surveillance (DGST) on Friday continued to arrest a Moroccan (in Italy) in close coordination with the Italian security services responsible for terrorism cases (in Italy) in the Syrian-Iraqi scene. Using the Arabic abbreviation for ISIS.

According to the DGST, the suspect, “Abi al-Bara”, succeeded in illegally immigrating to Europe from battlefields under IS control.

He was subject to an international arrest warrant issued by Morocco, which, according to the same source, stated that the relevant authorities were acting in “sending the extradition file of the person concerned”.

In recent years, 1,600 Moroccans have joined the ranks of terrorist organizations, mostly ISIS

In February, a Moroccan counterterrorism official said more than 1,600 Moroccans had joined the ranks of terrorist organizations in recent years, mostly ISIS.

Of them, 270 Moroccans returned from war zones (Syria, Iraq and Libya) and 745 died there.

Of those who returned, 137 were brought to justice.

The war in Syria since 2011 has particularly allowed the ISIS meteorite expansion, which in 2014 declared “caliphate” over occupied territories across Syria and Iraq.

Syria was wiped off the “caliphate” map in March 2019, but is re-emerging after being transformed into an underground system.