January 30, 2023


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“It’s not scary to me”: these young French people who want to catch the cove to avoid being vaccinated

Emmanuel Macron’s announcements about the implementation of the Health Pass in France, on July 12, are spreading a worrying phenomenon on social media. Many news like “Looking for a cluster in Lower Normandy“Or”My wife and I are trying to catch Govt. ” Rich in various platforms, a virus that is feared in all four corners of the globe testifies to the will of some French people affected by Govt-19 disease.

The reason is simple: these natives of France, mostly young people, can obtain a certificate of recovery if they are willing to deal with the disease, which is one of the three most valuable keys to health passes. Provides access.

Change the solution

By refusing to adhere to the vaccine and submitting to continuous testing, these young French people see the recovery certificate as an alternative solution to their continued involvement in leisure activities and frequent bars and nightclubs. Often being under the age of 30, they consider themselves less at risk than adults and have absolutely no fear of disease.

“It doesn’t scare me. I’m young, I’m 20 years old, I’m in good health, I’m playing, I’m vegetarian, I do not smoke, my lungs are in excellent health.” For example, Lisa * France testifies to our colleagues in the information.

Key sources used

So to reduce the disease, all means are good. Some place ads on social networks, while others are tempted to go to busy places by ignoring the ban.

“We take part in all demonstrations; on public transport, we do not wear masks, and we do not respect prohibitions.” Serge *, 22, was interviewed by France Information.

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Once we learn that the Health Pass is established to control the spread of challenging behaviors and slips of the virus and return to normal life.

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