November 26, 2022


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“It’s ridiculous”: Yves Copters criticizes some tactics aimed at vaccinating people

The IKEA of the Mets in France will launch a vaccination campaign this Saturday, July 3, without meeting everyone who is eligible to be vaccinated. So it is possible to vaccinate in the middle of the popular furniture tool. “The aim is to bring the vaccine closer to the citizens while facilitating access to the vaccine,” Mosel wrote in an official statement. A total of 200 doses of Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine will be available and administered by health workers. This is not the first time such an event has been organized in France, as vaccination sessions have already been held in shopping malls.

Can such an idea cross the Belgian border? Epidemiologist Yves Copters does not believe. “Vaccination is a medical procedure that must be performed in a supervised manner. Although converted to a vaccination center, IKEA is not a medical center. In an environment like business, where people are in a hurry, I don’t know if we are going to take the necessary information and tracking time. “

The expert is also surprised at the news that such a vaccine could be reported. “We forget the basic globalization of this epidemic and this inappropriate consumption. The launch of vaccination activities in IKEA type multinationals sends the wrong message. It’s like going to the world before. “

Vaccinate wisely

Nevertheless, Yves Coppieters underscores that the idea of ​​making the vaccine more accessible is positive. According to him, it is important to do it where appropriate. “You want to get as close to people as possible, which is a great idea, but I don’t think IKEA is the right place. This is a place where a communal home or a youth center is monitored by public activities. We can highlight social access. By creating this type of activity in IKEA, we can assume that we will reach population groups that are not found anywhere else. Maybe, but then they prove it to me with studies and statistics. I think the solution is to further integrate the vaccine into current services such as general medicine or family planning. Patients go to medical places for other consultations and then get the support they need“.

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In conclusion, Yves Coppieters assures that vaccination should be done wisely and in a safe environment. Therefore, he reiterates his view that it is not a good idea to encourage young people to be vaccinated with free concerts. “Already, I don’t know if everyone will get enough with this kind of strategy. Not everyone at risk has been vaccinated yet. Then I was against vaccinated blackmail. It is absurd to give gifts to those who have been vaccinated. If people do not do so in an informed and ethical manner.