June 25, 2022


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“It’s so natural, everything makes sense” (videos)

Since the end of last year, Aaron and Kayla have been in love. Their beautiful love story was first born in a friendship that came from college. Until the 25-year-old transgender from Tennessee was transferred, the two lovebirds decided to date.

The couple talks about their story with the New York Post. Despite moving to Oregon, Aaron has always been in touch with Kyla. If they had left, their bond would have been strengthened. The young man, who felt differently, on the other hand, distanced himself from the most conservative family. “When I came out, my family was very frustrated and they were making excuses to explain my behavior. They took me to the pastor of our church to try to ‘cure’ my feelings and told me I was not praying enough,” he explains.

In 2016, he began “his life as a man” and left the family home to live in Kingsport, where Kayla still lives. Aaron and his 26-year-old best friend saw each other many times from the day of the first kiss. And it was an expression: they were created for each other.

“When Aaron was out, I kept up to date with his change and what had been happening to him for years. Going from friendship to relationship is very natural. Aaron was still the same person, no matter what his name or nickname was, his change did not affect our relationship. Everything makes sense, ”Kayla said. The two lovers got married last year and continued to fall in love.

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