May 16, 2022


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Jared Kushner The Art of the Deal |  Shinman

Jared Kushner The Art of the Deal | Shinman

The list of things that Jared Kushner does is as long and distinguished as his father’s rap. Publishing, real estate, and diplomacy, the youngest Kushner hasn’t met a job he couldn’t, except for one.

It turns out that Jared has one very marketable skill. He’s a formidable defender of tyrannical dictators, and he’s clearly paying off well. Kushner and Mohammed bin Salman brothers. Kushner is a descendant of a New Jersey real estate empire with a notable shortage of talent in the real estate field. Bin Salman is the heir to the Saudi oil juggernaut and has a penchant for sending assassination squads to hack journalists to death, and the two coexist quietly.

Key to this intimacy is Jared’s desire to say and do horrible things for giant bags of money. He provided cover and made excuses for bin Salman as a senior advisor to the president during the Khashoggi scandal, and now that Jared Kushner is a businessman, he’s got an impressive $2 billion bounty. Anyone smart enough to get $2 billion is smart enough to know that giving it to Jared Kushner is tantamount to setting him on fire. Jared was the author of the legend.The worst deal in the history of real estate in New York“Now he has a fantastic 2 billion to try to outdo himself. Bin Salman does not expect a return on investment because he is simply paying for the services provided.

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