March 21, 2023


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Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has been accused of inciting racial hatred, will announce her verdict on October 29.

The Paris Criminal Court, which will deliver its verdict on Jean-Marie Le Pen on October 29, attempted on Wednesday to incite racial hatred, seven years after he made his comments.Volume“It simply came to our notice then.

The absence of Front National, co-founder of 93 and his co-defendant, MEP Jean-Franசois Jalk, the publishing director of the party’s website, has prompted lawyers to appeal in a tense environment.

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Press Room watched the 366th video “Record bookJean-Marie Le Pen aired on June 6, 2014, in which she attacked artists involved against FN such as Yannick Nova, Guy Pedos and Madonna.

When his narrator introduced the name of Jewish singer Patrick Bruel, he commented with a laugh: “That did not surprise me. Listen, let’s do a block next time!

Criticized even within FN

These words provoked a barrage of criticism, including from FN. “Not expecting explanation“One of these sentences”Political mistake“, His daughter, Marine Le Pen, is the leader of the party.

The word was “It has no apparent anti-Semitic meaning, except for political enemies or idiots“, Supported by Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was ousted as party leader in the summer of 2015, following other controversial statements.

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In a letter to the court on Wednesday, he reaffirmed that statement.It never had any debate or political significance“.

Sure, fire has nothing to do with this … Who are we kidding?“, Said Mark Benzemhon, a lawyer with Julian Benzemhon of the National Office Against Vigilance Against Antisemitism, who filed the complaint in 2014.

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Linked to the name of a man who knew Jewish descent.The essential parallel was made by the common man“, He continued, talking about a sentence”Really anti-Semitic“.

Already guilty in several cases

The councils of SOS Racism and Lycra recalled that Jean-Marie Le Pen had been condemned on several occasions, especially for qualifying for gas chambers. “Details“For World War II and its formula”Torfer fire“Minister Michael Durafor was targeted.

Let me see an example “Regular dictionary“By Jean-Marie Le Pen,”Already carried out frequently“Before the court, the lawyer thought he was”Firm” That “There is nothing innocent in the use of the word ‘patch’“A talk.”Serious moral misconduct“However, he did not comment on the criminal merits of these words.

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Jean-Marie Le Pen’s lawyer “Dishonest shortcut“And one”Orwellian process“He talked about a word he used.”Symbolically“One”Population compilation“, Appointing many opponents of the FN and not just Patrick Bruel.

Rises up against “Rational deviation“Subject”He is not guilty, but he deserves it“Frederick Joachim asked for the release of a man named Jean-Marie Le Pen.”Ended his political career“.

Jean-Franசois Jalkin’s lawyer, David Dasa-le Teest, “Distortion of the meaning of words“,”Crazy interpretation of a word that is very trivial, banal“, Pleads for release.