October 7, 2022


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Joe Biden’s visit will disrupt traffic in Brussels: Roads to Avoid Here

Joe Biden’s European tour goes through Brussels this weekend. The President of the United States will be with us this Sunday evening, and he will be in Belgium until Tuesday, where he will meet with King Philip. To ensure the safety of Joe Biden’s movements, several perimeters have been drawn. The surroundings are rounded up, the streets are closed to traffic and parking: we take stock.

Around the establishment Hotel, A large security perimeter is already in place, and the Boulevard de Waterloo is blocked at the level of a prestigious hotel (between Rue to Bobin and Rue to Grand Cerf, RDL refers to information). The same goes for the US Embassy in Boulevard to Regent, where the leader is staying. Roads inaccessible: Boulevard to Regent – between Rue de la Loy and Rue Lambermont – and between Rue Ducale, Rue de la Loy and Rue Lumbermont

On Monday, in addition, Avenue Leopold III (NATO District) will be closed throughout the day and will be closed in both directions between Ring 0 and Avenue Jules board meeting. Like many Brussels subways, the Brussels Outer Ring Road will be temporarily closed to traffic.

Mars should therefore expect traffic problems because the Rs Frederot is inaccessible, such as the Place des Boyles and the Place to Train.

The district of European companies will also be partially rounded up because Schumann Roundana will be closed to cars, as well as part of the Ru frozart.