November 30, 2022


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Journalist Fanny Agostini breaks silence over Jean-Jack board complaint over sexual harassment

Journalist Fanny Agostini on Monday revealed that Jean-Jack Ford is in the process of filing a complaint against him for “attempted sexual harassment”, which is gathering other evidence in the media, some identified, others anonymous, targeting the celebrity presenter.

The investigation was handed over to the 16th Arrondissement Police Station by the Paris Attorney’s Office and an internal investigation was launched by Altice, the parent company of BFMTV and RMC.

Fanny Agostini, a former weather announcer for RMC-BFMTV, who later moved to Thalassa, presents her facts on Mediapart when she was invited by Jean-Jacques Borden at the 2013 Calvi Bettank Open in Corsica.

One morning, she was swimming in the hotel pool. Jean-Jacques Bourdin approached “very quickly” and “suddenly pulled her towards him” as he tried to kiss her “several times”, “holding her by the side, neck”. “Taking lessons”, she says, is not “screaming” but “struggling” and coping out of the water.

Jean-Jacques Bourdin, can we read in Mediabart then say to him: “I always get what I want”. A sentence that “stopped (his) dreams for many years”. And Fanny Agostini says she experienced “a threat-like experience from someone with a hierarchical rise.”

He promises that between September 2014 and spring 2015, between professional exchanges, the presenter sent her several messages with sexual meaning. On November 27, 2014, as Mediapart claimed it received, its professional email came in: “You wake me up every morning … I love your look”. Jean-Jacques Bourdin did not respond to Mediapart and asked for all the evidence.

Journalist Sidoni Bonek is also a presenter on France 2 and France Blue and testifies at Mediapart.

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A young journalist wanted to do radio, and he was invited by Jean-Jack Portin to a ceremony in Calvary in 2010. According to the young woman’s host, he promised to stay at a hotel. But before leaving, he called to say that the hotel was full and that he had “accidentally bought a villa with a friend.” He would have added: “There is a swimming pool, don’t forget your swimsuit”. “This sentence cut off my legs,” she told Mediapart, “it’s not professional anymore.”

Arriving at the airport with his companion, he says he saw Jean-Jack board and he would have been satisfied to send them greetings “from a distance”. “After that, I didn’t ask anyone. Obviously I didn’t get the job,” he says.