July 3, 2022


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Journalists meet 2,000 migrants stranded in Belarus: their background and living conditions are here

The migration crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus demands another victim. The body of a Syrian youth was found by Polish police. Thousands of immigrants are gathering on the border trying to reach Europe. The European Union (EU) has accused Belarus of deliberately provoking the migration movement.

We received pictures taken by a reporting team from CNN, an American channel. Journalists were able to access a makeshift camp on the Belarusian side: fires to warm themselves, tents, some tarpaulins and branches to protect themselves from the weather. It is a kind of camp growing on the border between Poland and Belarus.

One picture shows immigrants facing Polish law enforcement, behind rows of barbed wire, guarding the border day and night.

You can see how close we are to this very sharp barbed wire fence. Polish security forces are closely monitoring the situation. Refugees and immigrants in Belarus are trying to prevent this border crossing. And you can see that there are thousands of people hereCNN reporter Matthew Sans commented.

We came here for my son and he needs surgery

The group interviewed one of the immigrants. “Are you saying that so far Iraq has paid $ 2000, i.e. a lot of money, to come from Kurdistan? Do you think you can cross the border to go to Germany?“, The reporter asks a witness.”Yes“, The man retaliates.”Are you sure?“, Asks the journalist again.”Yes, everyone here wants to go to Germany“, Believes the witness.”Let’s try. We do not want to settle in Poland“, Another immigrant nearby reacts.

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Shohan, a Kurdish refugee from Iraq, explains why he made this long trip. “We came here for my son and he needs surgery. A major spinal surgery“, She explains, next to the baby. The reporter nods and notices the baby’s prostheses.”He cannot walk without this device“, The mother notes.

Cold and hungry

Before you reach your goal, you have to live in the middle of the forest and frost. “I’m hungry“, Introduces a little girl on the CNN team.

Foods in question, it is very brief. Approximately 2,000 migrants on the border depend on the rare chaotic distributions monitored by the Belarusian military. Belarusian authorities have decided to send more tents, wood and water.

Today, immigrants are trapped between Belarus and Europe. Everyone has their own challenges. But for these men, women and children, there is only one goal: to walk across the border, find holes in the fence and finally cross a few meters to Europe.