November 26, 2022


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Kabul Airport is packed with Dharmak Afghans

U.S. forces fired into the air at Kabul airport on Monday and commercial flights were canceled. Thousands of Afghans occupied Darsala in hopes of capturing the plane that would allow them to escape the new Taliban regime. At least five people have been killed, several witnesses told Reuters.

Video footage posted on social media shows chaotic scenes in Darshala, with the public struggling to climb the sidewalks or stairs leading to the planes.

They actively sought to flee Afghanistan, where the Taliban seized power on Sunday, fearing that the Taliban would establish the same fundamentalist regime that ruled the country between 1996 and 2001.

Under the watchful eye of hundreds of others, those who were able to climb the stairs, especially the youth, tried to help others, some of whom clung to the bars with all their might.

Panicked families, with frightened children, tried to escape with their heavy luggage.

In a tweet below, an Al-Jazeera reporter explains that two young Afghans fell from the plane they were clinging to.

They collided at homes, and then he detailed in another tweet.

U.S. forces fire into the sky

According to one witness, U.S. troops guarding the airport fired into the air to control the crowd, and all outbound commercial flights were canceled.

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I’m so scared. They shoot in the air“The witness, who did not want to be named, told the AFP he feared he would be compromised on his way out.

Other videos posted overnight on social media show people already pulsating to board a crowded cargo plane.

Cow Afghanistan: Will the Taliban re-establish their interim rule?

On the other hand, the other capital was quiet on Monday. Armed Taliban patrolled the streets and set up checkpoints.

Mullah Abdul Gani Bharat, co-founder of the Taliban, called on his men to practice discipline.

The time has come to evaluate and prove that now we can serve our nation and show that we can provide security and comfort in life.E, “he said in a video.

For Americans, the scenes of chaos at the airport bring back painful memories of the fall of Saigon in Vietnam in 1975.This is not Saigon“.

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