January 29, 2023


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Kurds killed in Paris: A year before the tragedy, the suspect’s violent march against the migrant camp

On the morning of December 8, armed with a long sword, he burst into Percy’s estate, where immigrants in need of shelter had set up camp.

“It was a park where we established exiled families, and each time the camp grew,” recalls Nikolai Posner of the Utopia56 association. “Single men settled some distance away, thinking that the presence of families would bring them a kind of security”.

However, it was William Mallet who tackled them that morning. He slashed several tents and injured two migrants, one of them, before being attacked by other residents of the camp.

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“He pretended to be jogging and suddenly cut a sword and cut the tentacles. Through the tentacles, he touched several people and attacked a man who was standing and urinating, stabbing him. Hitting him in the back and waist”, says AFP. Chloe Chastel, then an officer of the Auror Society.

Such an attack is extremely rare. “There can be fights between refugees based on their living conditions, but we have never seen anyone from the outside do something like this,” Ian Brossaud, Paris’s deputy mayor in charge of refugees, told AFP.

Shortly after the attack, security forces intervened and arrested four migrants, including the attacker and the injured. All will be remanded in police custody for forty-eight hours.

“First, we can understand that we had to challenge those who participated in the appearance of a quarrel, but when we tried to understand, he missed the second step,” said Mr. Posner said, not immigrants. No help from any translator.

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The trial court will change its analysis. While the preliminary investigation opened on the day of the facts for “attempted voluntary manslaughter”, the judicial information that prevailed two days later targeted “armed, premeditated and racist violence”.

William Mallett was indicted on the less serious charge on December 10 and remanded in pre-trial detention.

Four migrants arrested with him are placed under the transitional status of auxiliaries, and one of them, an undocumented Moroccan, has been notified of his obligation to leave French territory, to the chagrin of NGOs.

Another chapter will excite them. The day after the attack, associations gather in the Parc de Percy to support the still-shocked migrants. They would then see them around and verbally abuse several of them for “participating in a prohibited demonstration on a public highway.” “As soon as the administrative authority finds that the foreign national’s presence is irregular, an OQTF (obligation to leave French territory, editor’s note) is automatically issued in accordance with the law in force”, commented police sources.

“The response we expected, somewhat naively, was that we were social workers, psychologists and the police officers we were sent to,” Paul Alausi from M├ędecins du Monde, who was there that evening, told AFP. , to the police station where he was released an hour later.

A year later, a judicial source told AFP that investigations into the attack were “still in progress” but that its suspect was now implicated in the triple murder.

At the end of the maximum period of pre-trial detention, he was released on December 12, under judicial supervision, specifically prohibited from possessing weapons.

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