November 30, 2022


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"Leave me alone," Bubba Wallace yells at crew chief Bootie Barker after a loose wheel leads to a Nashville wreck.

“Leave me alone,” Bubba Wallace yells at crew chief Bootie Barker after a loose wheel leads to a Nashville wreck.

Bubba Wallace has had problems with loose wheels all season. The driver of car number 23 had promising races that were hampered by problems on a pit road. Wallace’s frustration appeared to have reached a boiling point after another incident on Sunday.

During the Ally 400 in Nashville, crew chief Bootie Barker told Wallace that he needed to stop after leaving a pit road with a loose wheel, Jeff Gluck from Athletic. As he was trying to stop, his car in the rear was hit by Tyler Riddick’s car.

Parker apologized for the incident, but Wallace didn’t have it and unleashed the NSFW response, per glock.

“Leave me alone, bud,” Wallace said to Parker. “Don’t talk to me about the whole race.”

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Parker remained in contact with Wallace after the incident as Wallace attempted to return to the feud. Wallace has been running in the top ten for most of the race.

This isn’t the first time Wallace’s staff has run into problems.

Parker and two other crew members Suspended for four races by NASCAR In March, after a wheel was thrown out of Wallace’s car during a race at the Circuit of the Americas.

Jordan Bianchi from Athletic That during the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte, Parker told Wallace to stay on the track to avoid a wreck, but the decision meant Wallace didn’t maintain a minimum speed. His car was sent to the garage although it sustained minor damage. During the AdventHealth 400 in Kansas, Wallace was penalized twice, once for one crew member jumping over a wall too early and the other for violating tires.

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Wallace later addressed his drilling crew regarding the Kansas sanctions. “We didn’t have a great day on the pit road,” he said the following week in Texas.

“We are looking at the possibility of winning this race and it was very high and we didn’t give ourselves a chance every time we got on a pit road,” Wallace said.