June 25, 2022


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Legislative elections in France: Emmanuel Macron learns to rule the Belgian way

I have been explaining to them for eight years that this is a good system. Now they have to figure it out. “ The humorous words were tweeted by Belgian comedian Alex Wisrek. 7/9 p.m. On France Inter Radio. They refer to the famous “Belgian-style compromise” that results in every legislative election that takes place in our country, and the French have until now wanted to make fun of it without knowing that one day they will face it.

This is because Sunday’s French legislative elections, in the two – round format envisioned by Charles de Gaulle to facilitate a post – election majority constitution, did not exist in history – it happened only once between Mitterrand and Chirac in 1988 – and the newly elected president did not have an absolute majority to begin his term (289 seats). 245 seats required).

With a shortfall of 69 seats compared to Amoka’s victory in 2017, the Macron majority has to deal with the art of compromise. And compose music.

Towards the eruption of the left-wing coalition?

By Monday morning, anyone who can predict what future alliances will look like is very smart. But Decision taken by the Socialist Party, the European Environment Les Words (EELV) and the French Communist Party In the afternoon a famous thorn may have been removed from the foot of Emmanuel Macron. “There is no question of a committee: there will be a socialist committee in the National Assembly.”PS spokesman Pierre Jouvet said. “There is no question of mixing in the same group”A spokesman for EELV Alain Coulombel responded for his part.

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The group was formed to oppose the group !, the new popular environmental and social union (Knobs) seems to have already been born dead, even though the leader of La France Inzomis, Mathilde Banot, tried to gamble by offering the rotating presidency to others. .

Given his differences with Macron, even if an alliance with Mன்சlenchon’s disobedient France appears to be a compromise, the eruption of Nimes would be beneficial to Macron, who could be linked to one of the four parties that make up News.

Which party supports Macron?

To get the absolute majority, the group could not find 44 seats! A health curve – if not for the word as it is in France – blocking Marine Le Pen’s national rally – Yet the big winner by eleven by eleven the number of elected officials in these elections (89). -, Emmanuel Macron has only two more chances. First, the Republicans (61 seats) must benefit from an absolute majority (306 elected). But Monday President LR Christian Jacob announced that his party would be in opposition.

The second is to communicate with the Nupes parties. However, an alliance with France’s Insoumise de Mélenchon seems to have been compromised by a disagreement between the main interested party and Macron. It should join the unprecedented tripartite meeting formed with PS (24 seats) and EELV (23 seats).

Why can’t Macron rule alone?

Thus the opposition will get an absolute majority. It can block any bill brought by the presidential minority. And make the country inaccessible. Each project should be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. This solution is plausible: the Rogart government tried it between 88 and 91 but its relatively majority was very comfortable (275 seats) so less external support was required. With 245 seats for Macron, this solution is, in practice, not very reliable.

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Looking for Elizabeth Bourne’s resignation?

The day after the assembly election, on May 16, the opposition demanded that Macron appoint Elizabeth Bourne as prime minister. Elected to the wire at Gavaldos (52.3%), he will have to work in the coming hours to form alliances. Before handing over?

Who is the Prime Minister?

In order to ensure the loyalty of a committee of the National Assembly, Macron was keen to offer him an attractive offer. Key ministerial positions such as home, justice, national education or economics. Or the post of Prime Minister. In all likelihood, the future prime minister will be either Macron or a member of the PS, EELV or LR.