July 3, 2022


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Legislature 2022: The biggest RN wave in uncontrollable France

This is the worst situation for a president. The far right is reaching a historic turning point and the left is confirming its return. Even with full rights, if he agrees to join him, the president can hardly rule. The crisis develops after a disastrous campaign.

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Permanent Ambassador to Paris

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V.S.Is a thunderclap! Worse than dark dreams for Elise. Emmanuel Macron thought danger would come from him. But the storm came too – with what force! – From the far right.

At the end of the second round of assembly elections this Sunday, an absolute majority was won by Emmanuel Macron. It should have taken 289 delegates out of 577 to win, but Ipsos says his coalition will only get 234. Despite the support (and uncertainty to get it) of the full right wing of the opposition with 75 elected representatives, the president’s party will not be able to overcome the ban. France is incapable of ruling. She goes into crisis.

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