July 3, 2022


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Legislature: Elizabeth Bourne submits her resignation to Macron, who denies it

The French prime minister handed over his resignation letter to Macron, which he denied. Elizabeth Bourne will unite the entire government in the Matignon early Tuesday afternoon.

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LPrime Minister Elizabeth Bourne submitted her resignation to President Emmanuel Macron, who declined to comment, saying on Tuesday morning Elizabeth had announced that the government would “be able to function and function these days.”

Ahead of a series of meetings with party leaders on Tuesday and Wednesday, the president noted that “the head of state (…) will hold the necessary political consultations (…) to identify potentially constructive solutions in the French service.” Elysee.

It is customary for the head of government to propose his resignation after an assembly election. This approach was the new legitimacy of the Prime Minister, who was immediately re-appointed to his post by the President.

On Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron chose the opposite to reject the ceremonial resignation, while a tunnel of international obligations to him (European Council, G7, NATO summit) has been in place since Thursday.

Meeting at Matiknan

Ms. Borne’s entourage told the AFP early Tuesday afternoon that he would unite the entire government in Matignon.

Among members of the government expected to be rue de Varenne are Ammelie de Montchalin, Minister of Environmental Change and Regional Coordination, Brigitte Bourguignon, Minister of Health, and Secretary of State for Maritime Justin Benin, who will represent Mme Borne’s entourage. The trio, who lost in the second round of Sunday’s assembly elections, will have to leave the government.

President having lunch Monday with Elizabeth Bourne and the group’s tenors! Edouard Philippe and François Bayrou, by summoning the leaders of the political parties, took the initiative again in the face of the dangers of blocking his reforms in the legislature.

Six of them will be picked up consecutively at Elysee on Tuesday: Christian Jacob (LR) opens the parade at 10:00 am, before Oliver Farrell (PS) at 11:00 am, Franசois Bayro (modem) at 2:00 pm, Stanislas Guerini (LREM) 3:00 pm, Marine Le Pen (RN) 5:30 pm and Fabien Roussel (PCF) 6:30 pm, Wednesday in front of EELV party leader Julian Bayou.

“The Prime Minister requested the stay to have the tools to deal with the situation and the emergencies of the French.

“Several orders are to be taken in the coming days, including the revaluation of the index point, the second phase of the barcourse, the bonus / malus car, and the implementation of the emergency (unplanned and unplanned) action of the Brown mission. Care, Editorial Note), Vocational Bonus ”, which refers to this source, which estimates that“ we cannot get a government that does not manage this ”.

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