July 3, 2022


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Legislature in France: Emmanuel Macron, on the ballot, calls for mobilization

The absolute majority was not obtained, and is far from it. The president calls for mobilization “in the name of values.” Objective: To demonize the left-wing coalition, which will prevent it from ruling without outside support.

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Permanent Ambassador to Paris

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V.S.This is a great fear for Emmanuel Macron. At the end of the first round of assembly elections this Sunday, in the wake of a historic no-vote (53%, according to Ipsos), the renaissance parties and their allies, the MoDem, the Coalition and Horizons Coordinating Coalition from Agir, the new environment created by Jean-Luc Mலlenchon after the presidential election and Comes after the famous Union (Knobs). According to initial estimates, the Macronists received only 25.2% of the vote, while disobedient France and its allies received 25.6%. This score indicates poor performance compared to the Elysee tenant’s 2017. Five years ago, he received 32%.

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