October 7, 2022


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“Let’s Stop This Delta”: In Israel, the 3rd dose of the vaccine is now given from the age of 40

The Health Minister announced on Thursday that Israel has decided to reduce the minimum age for obtaining the 3rd dose of the corona virus vaccine to 40 to combat the increase in pollution associated with the delta type.

“We all have vaccines and now 40 and over can get the 3rd dose,” he said Tweet é Nitson Horowitz. “The vaccine is effective, let’s stop this delta”, The minister also mentioned the epidemic variation. The administration of the third dose vaccine for Israelis who have reached at least 40 years of age is set to begin on Sunday.

The Hebrew government three weeks ago allowed people 60 and older to inject a third dose of the vaccine, mainly from pharmaceutical company Pfizer / Biotech. On August 13, he lowered the minimum age for recall to 50 for the first time. The World Health Organization has announced support for a ban on this third booster dose to make it available to poorer countries with lower vaccination rates.

We should not bet on our lives

Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett responded that the administration of this dose would not affect global stocks in Israel, which has a population of nine million, and would allow a third dose to be tested for effectiveness. On Thursday evening, 49-year-old Bennett announced that he would receive his 3rd dose the next day. “I call on all people who meet the criteria of the Ministry of Health to be vaccinated (…) We should not bet on our lives”, He pleaded, in a press release from his office.

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In total, more than 970,000 pollutants have been recorded in Israel, including more than 6,700 deaths. More than 5.4 million people received two doses of the vaccine, 58% of the population and one-third 1.2 million. Israel was one of the first countries to launch a massive vaccination campaign in mid-December under a deal with Pfizer, which quickly paid millions in fees in exchange for performance data. Vaccine for its population.

The campaign has drastically reduced the incidence, but contaminants have increased again in recent weeks due to the spread of the delta variant in unvaccinated adults, but also in people who were vaccinated six months ago.