November 30, 2022


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LGBTQI + Rights: Victor Urban renamed at the European Summit

The controversial law, which occupied the heads of state in the early hours of the morning, barred 17 member states of EU state and government heads and the UN. Led Secretary-General Antonio Guterres (guest at the summit) to call in a letter on the need to uphold European values.

LHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been strongly reminded to order Thursday at the EU summit on what is considered homosexuality to be adopted in Budapest, with his Dutch envoy going so far as to recommend leaving the EU.

The controversial law, which occupied the leaders in the early hours of the morning, led more than 17 member states, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy, to challenge the leaders in a letter. State and EU Government and the UN. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres (Guest Summit) on the need to uphold European values.

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Patel has criticized the sovereign leader for crossing a “red line”. “Being gay is not a choice. Being gay, ”said Alexander de Crowe of Belgium.

The law provides that “pornography and content that refers to sexuality or promotes abstinence from gender identity, gender reassignment and homosexuality should not be accessible to persons under 18 years of age.”

According to European sources, Sweden’s Stephen Lofven has warned that his citizens do not want to “send money to a country”, while EU funds indicate a significant fall for the country. Hungary (4.48% of GDP in 2019).

Orban defends himself

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has bluntly affirmed that Hungary has “done nothing more than this in the EU” with its legislation.

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During the discussion, he told Victor Orbine that if the EU’s values ​​did not apply to him, he should leave Section EU, implementing Article 50 of the agreement “made for this purpose”. Union – as the British did – according to the same source.

The law “does not seem to conform to our values”, previously ruled by French President Emmanuel Macron, who believes the Hungarian leader can be trusted to “change this text”.

“The law does not care about homosexuals (but) the way parents want to educate their children about sex,” Victor Orban said, accusing his European colleagues of not reading it. “Hungary does not want to leave the EU. Instead, we want to save her from the hypocrites, ”tweeted Hungarian Minister of Justice Judith Varga.


The controversial text sent a letter from the Commission to Budapest, which responded by June 30.

The European Administrator, the custodian of the treaties, has the power to initiate proceedings in violation of European law, which could lead to referral to the EU Court of Appeal and sanctions.

In the aftermath of these stormy exchanges, Europeans must deal with the thorny question of relations with Russia, which have continued to deteriorate since the annexation of Crimea and the conflict in Ukraine in 2014, and are “at a very low ebb.” Joseph Borel, President of EU Diplomacy.