January 29, 2023


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LG’s 2023 OLED TVs are 70 percent brighter

It’s no surprise that LG will refresh its OLED TV lineup for 2023, but you might appreciate this year’s upgrade if your group lives in a well-lit room. New LG models include a per-pixel Brightness Booster Max which promises up to 70 percent brighter pictures on some G3 series TVs (shown above). You may not spend much time squinting during your daytime viewing sessions.

The G3, C3, and 8K-capable Z3 all use the new a9 Gen 6 processor that offers AI upscaling, HDR tone mapping, and object-based image sharpening. The chip is key similar to the AI ​​audio processing that delivers 9.1.2 channels of surround sound from the built-in speakers. You’ll have extra incentive to upgrade your audio setup, though — LG is having a WOW Orchestra feature that uses your TV’s speakers to complement the output from the brand’s newer speakers.


LG also acknowledges that its interface may be confusing to some. 2023 OLED TVs ship with webOS 23 which requires much less scrolling, with just two pages of app content. You’ll also see fewer categories, and Quick Cards help you dive into categories like music and sports. Personalized profiles, customizable quick settings, and AI-based search keyword recommendations tailor the experience to your tastes as you go. important support It should help your group play well with compatible smart home devices.

The range will feel familiar in some ways, though there are some other notable upgrades. The Z3 is still the flagship with its 77- and 88-inch 8K displays, but the G3 is now better suited for wall mounting thanks to its zero-gap design. It’s available in sizes from 55 inches to a whopping 97 inches, though you’ll only see a 70-percent brightness bump on the 55-, 65-, and 77-inch variants. The C3’s gorgeous line (pictured in the middle) spans between 42 inches and 83 inches, though you’ll have to ‘settle’ for a standard brightness booster.

Significantly, there is no more a series. LG now considers the B3 series an entry-level OLED display, pitching it as ideal for gamers who’re watching their money. You’ll have to make do with the lower a7 Gen 6 chip and not crank up the brightness, but you’ll get 4K at 120Hz (useful with newer consoles) and a choice of 55-, 65-, and 77-inch panels.

As is often the case with LG introductions, you’ll have to wait for pricing and availability to pick up a 2023 OLED TV. There’s no doubt that the G3 is the star attraction. Outside of this model’s brightness boost and gap-free installation, these are fairly frequent upgrades that will often prove attractive if you’re replacing an aging set.

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