November 26, 2022


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“Life is impossible here”

Lightning strikes by the Taliban across Afghanistan are now threatening the capital, with rebels approaching the outskirts of Kabul. The speed and simplicity with which they captured the major cities of the country stunned spectators and Afghans alike.

The last Western diplomats stationed in the country are preparing to back up, and staff abroad will be reduced to a strict minimum. US, British and Turkish troops arrive at Kabul airport To protect this discharge.

The concern is clear

In the city, anxiety is increasing by the hour, To the tune of announcements of Taliban victories. “Security situation is not good”, Abdul, who lives in the capital with which we are in contact, is concerned. “Every day, every moment, every minute, life is impossible here.”

All the people coming to the city from the provinces captured by the Taliban are a very clear sign that the situation is deteriorating. “They live in the city streets and parks. These people are coming from the provinces to escape the war, but the situation in Kabul is deteriorating. There are Taliban suicide attacks in nearby areas. Under these conditions there is no decent living.”

People are always worried about their lives. They ask themselves: What should I do? When the Taliban come to Kabul, what will I do? Where can we live?

Probably capital The city is hostile to the Taliban. For 20 years, the Western military, diplomatic and humanitarian presence and government supported by foreigners have allowed the world an open mind and relative freedom.

Abdul fears insurgency in Kabul: “The Taliban do not like people who live together like us, who use technology, who are knowledgeable … that’s why they carry out suicide attacks like yesterday. I think security is getting worse. People are always worried about their lives. They wonder: What should I do? When the Taliban come to Kabul, What am I going to do? Where can we live? Where are we going? The situation is very bad. “

They know the Taliban

This is an incredible acceleration that strangles a kind of Kabul. 10 or 15 days ago, no one could have imagined this scene. “, Is cautious on his sidee Dr. Eric Seyson. The surgeon is returning from Kabul, where he founded a French hospital ten years ago. The company has a thousand employees. “They are stunned, He told our colleagues in France Information. They care about themselves and their family. They know who the Taliban are: from 1995 to 2001 people over the age of 30 experienced this. It looks like the Khmer Rouge is back in Cambodia! Hospital staff are in a state of panic. They have only one idea: to leave by all means. “

US President Joe Biden says he has no regrets over his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan The distorted speed with which the Afghan army advanced in the face of the Taliban deceived the Americans. They have trained and spent over $ 1 trillion over 20 years equipping it. I went speechlessDr. Seyson shouts. We see in Kabul the worst case scenario for the failure of this coalition that intervened in 2001. It’s a complete failure, a logistics, a financial, a human failure … we can talk about a failure. This is mind-boggling to anyone who has known Afghanistan for many years.

Will you work with the Taliban?

Some international humanitarian organizations believe that the Taliban regime can continue to operate in Afghanistan. The question remains open to the French hospital in Kabul. “We have been treating Tajiks, Pashtuns, Hazaras, Uzbeks and Afghanistan for many years., The founder of the foundation underlines. I hope we can continue for Afghans, for children, for women. I believe this is possible, but I admit that I began to doubt everything. The scene we saw for two weeks was so devastating, I have many doubts. “

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