August 13, 2022


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LIVE – War in Ukraine: Atrocity of conflict, Russian soldier accused of castrating Ukrainian prisoner

A drone strike It targeted Russian Black Sea Fleet personnel in Sevastopol on Sunday, leaving five injured, said the governor of this city on the annexed peninsula of Crimea, Mikhail Razvojayev. He noted that a drone had landed in the Navy’s staff yard, injuring five of the staff’s staff.

All ceremonies associated with the Day of the Russian Navy “Canceled for security reasons“, announced Makhel Rasvozhayev, asking residents of Sevastopol not to leave their homes”if possible“.

Extensive celebrations are planned for the holiday across Russia, including a naval parade in St Petersburg to be overseen by President Vladimir Putin. It is the first time Russian officials have reported such an attack since the offensive began in Ukraine on February 24.

In the first days of its offensive against Ukraine, Russia seized parts of southern Ukraine, notably the Kherson region, far from Crimea, which was annexed in 2014. In recent weeks, Ukrainian forces have resumed offensives in the south. These lost territories and gained some victories.

The other war, the media war, has experienced a new chapter in recent days and is making a lot of noise. A video of a soldier using a box cutter to torture a prisoner of war alive is going viral on social media. According to the first analyzes of our colleagues from the Washington Post of the Times, the executioner will be Russian and the victim Ukrainian. Even if the sequence is not reliable, various elements make it possible to check the possibilities. The symbol of Russian invasion (Z) is indeed visible in the video and other clues. Also, a photograph of the accused was shared on social media.

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