January 30, 2023


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Live – War in Ukraine: Putin vows to use nuclear weapons only in response to enemy attack

Ukraine is still healing its wounds following Monday’s Russian missile attack. The damage to the electricity network is to be lamented as the country experiences its first major cold snap.

Vladimir Putin spoke at a televised conference on Wednesday afternoon. He said the fighting in Ukraine could continue for a long time, adding that there was no need to mobilize additional troops at this time. “Russia has deployed half of the men deployed in Ukraine, or about 150,000 soldiers, during the partial mobilization.“However, the Russian president was proud”Remarkable results“He says about annexing the four Ukrainian regions. Finally, Russia will not use nuclear weapons first, but only,” he pointed out.In replying“For this kind of potential enemy attack on its territory.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price responded to Putin’s comments by saying, “Any light talk about nuclear weapons is completely irresponsible“.

For its part, NATO believes Moscow’s strategy is to “defuse” the fighting before an offensive in the spring. “What we’re seeing now is Russia trying to impose some kind of freeze on this war, at least so it can regroup, adjust, recover, and then try to launch a major offensive next spring.“, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said at a public event organized by the British daily Financial Times.

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