November 26, 2022


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Live – War in Ukraine: Russian military withdrawal is more orderly and material losses are minimized

Fighting is still raging in Ukraine, now in its 271st day of war. Ukrainian troops always land again Invasion of their country by Russia on February 24.

As they advance and secure their territory, Ukrainian authorities are gathering more and more evidence of atrocities committed by the former Russian occupiers in the liberated areas around Kherson, Karkiv and Donetsk.

More than 700 bodies have been found in these areas in the past two months, prosecutor Andriy Kostin told state television on Saturday evening. 90% of these are civil organizations. He further informed that about 20 places where civilians were detained and interrogated have also been found.

Russia, for its part, should begin manufacturing Iranian military drones on its soil for the war in Ukraine. According to several US media outlets, Moscow reached an agreement with Iran this month.

The Washington Post, which relies on information provided by intelligence services, may begin production in the coming months. According to the newspaper, Iran is currently sending design plans and key components to Russia for production.

The Russian military has already deployed hundreds of Iranian drones in Ukraine. It specifically uses them to attack Ukrainian energy infrastructure. Thanks to its own production, Russia can multiply its attacks.

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