September 30, 2022


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Lost in the middle of the mountains, he ignores emergency calls because it is an unknown number

© j.mt_photography from Pexels

A surprising situation has developed in the United States. The mountaineer, who went missing in the Colorado Mountains, ignored repeated calls from rescuers – who later explained that he did not know the phone number. The man is reported missing after failing to return to Mount Elbert, the state’s highest peak, on Oct. 18. Lake District Search And Recovery.

Search teams searched the area the next day but could not find him. The group then tried to call the climbers, but could not contact them. The person appears to have left the road and spent the night To do Search it.

After missing for 24 hours, he found his way and arrived in his car, authorities said.

The man was unaware that the rescue team was looking for him.

He ignored our continuous phone calls because he did not recognize the number“Rescuers wrote on Facebook.

If you are lagging behind in schedule and start getting repeated calls from an unknown number, please answer the phone; Be a search and rescue team to find out if you are safe!“, Officials recalled.

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