May 16, 2022


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“Maddie McCann’s new evidence”: German prosecutor reveals “something” in key suspect’s van

German investigators have uncovered new “evidence” of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in the van of prime suspect Christian Bruckner. These sensational new claims were made by German lawyer Hans Christian Walters on the Portuguese trial program ‘Sabado’, 15 years after Maddie McConn disappeared while staying at a seaside resort in Portugal with her parents.

“Hard Evidence”

Speaking on Portuguese television, lawyer Hans Christian Walters said he believed the girl was dead and that 45-year-old Christian Bruckner was responsible for the girl’s disappearance.

When journalist Sandra Felguero asked him “It’s true you found a model, McCann, in Christian Bruckner’s van.”Attorney Walters responded: “I will not comment on the details of the investigation.”

But when the reporter asked him: “But can you deny that?” Hans Christian Walters replied: “I do not want to deny it.”

Bruckner, convicted of rape and pedophilia, was named by German prosecutors as the prime suspect in the case two years ago, investigators told him. “Hard Evidence” That she was dead.

Several sources published in British newspapers this morning report the same hypothesis regarding the new source in question. They may be threads from baby pajamas found on the back of the van.

On May 3, 2007, he went missing: Video examination of a 15-year investigation:

The main suspect was named “Arguido” before the drug

Since April 22, Christian Bruckner has been officially named “Orchido” by the Portuguese police in connection with the disappearance of little Maddie. It is a term used by the Portuguese criminal justice system to refer to the indictment of a person suspected of committing a serious crime. The Daily Mail estimates that “this post was created by a Portuguese judge because it seeks to bypass the 15-year-old law for serious crimes.”

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Parents held a memorial service

The appearance of lawyer Walters on Portuguese television on Tuesday coincided with a memorial service held to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance.

Kate and Jerry McCann were warmly welcomed by their community during a solemn prayer service in their hometown of Rothley, Leicestershire.

The couple, who now believe Madeleine, who is almost 19 years old, are still alive, seemed emotional as they were supported by worshipers.

The annual outdoor event has been canceled for the past two years due to Govt restrictions.

Kate and Jerry said Wednesday evening: “This year marks fifteen years since we saw Madeleine. It’s neither harder nor easier than other years. It’s too long.”