January 30, 2023


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Man sentenced to death for killing woman who rocked Kuwait

A Kuwaiti criminal court has sentenced a man to death for the murder of a young woman who filed several harassment complaints against him, a tragedy that rocked the conservative Gulf country, his family lawyer announced on Tuesday.

In April, Farah Akbar, 32, was forcibly taken out of a car with his two daughters and sister and stabbed in the chest, the interior ministry said.

The killer, who proposed to him when he was already married, was soon arrested and later pleaded guilty. He was “sentenced to death by hanging,” the victim’s family lawyer, Abdelmohsen al-Kattan, told AFP.

“The verdict has hit a nail in the head. We hope it will be upheld (on appeal) and applied for relief for the family.” Ms Akbar’s lawyer said. The offender has a month to appeal, he said.

Two harassment complaints

The young woman had lodged two harassment complaints with the police against the man who was arrested and later released on bail. Ms. Akbar’s assassination sent shock waves and sparked protests against the inaction of the authorities in this oil-rich country.

“Kuwaiti women demand shelter and laws to protect them from harassment, abuse and murder”Lulua al-Mulla, president of the Association for the Defense of Women’s Rights, urged the AFP.

“Many women have already been tortured and murdered. The broken straw on the camel’s back is Farah. Enough!”, She shouted.

In late April, dozens of people protested in Kuwait against violence against women following the assassination of Farah Akbar.

The latter happened The #MeToo movement encouraged a free speech in the country, Promoted by a popular fashion blogger. Testimonies of women who were followed, harassed or assaulted exploded Instagram account “Lone Asset” (“I will not be quiet”).

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