December 8, 2022


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Mandatory screening of all travelers to Germany, regardless of mode of transport, except vaccinated or cured

This duty, which until now only applies to people arriving by plane, has been extended to those traveling by vacation traveling by train or car. This measure applies to all travelers over the age of 12, except those who have been vaccinated or recovering from the Covit-19.

Those who have not been vaccinated from an area at high risk of infection should fill out a form and adhere to ten days of isolation, which can be removed if test results are negative on the fifth day. Cross-border workers, as well as passing passengers, were not affected by the move.

However, even those who have been vaccinated should be tested when their own country is classified as the most affected by the variants of the corona virus novel. This category currently includes Brazil and South Africa.

Belgium is currently considered a risk zone by Germany, while the Netherlands is classified as a high risk zone.

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