May 17, 2022


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Many were killed and wounded in a shooting in the Plymouth area of ​​the UK on Thursday evening: “Not an act of terrorism”

British police say a “serious incident with guns” left many victims, including many casualties and injuries, late Thursday in Plymouth, southern England.

On Twitter, local deputy Johnny Mercer provoked “serious and tragic” facts that were not considered terrorists in nature and assured that the shooter had “not escaped.”

According to Sky News, the shooter was killed.

Law enforcement called for a “serious gun-related incident,” local police said in a statement.

A female witness, Sharon, who agreed to reveal only her first name to the BBC, said she heard screams and several shootings followed.

“The gunman broke down the door of a house and started firing,” he said. “He came out of the house, continued to shoot and shot people in the street.”

Police and aid went there, police continued, citing “many dead” and several victims responsible for emergency services.

“The area is under siege and police believe the situation is under control,” police said.

Referring to the “shocking” facts that he did not disclose any details, Home Minister Priti Patel called on “everyone to remain calm, follow the advice of the police and allow our emergency services to do their job”.

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