May 20, 2022


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Marine Le Pen speaks for the first time since the presidential debate

Marine Le Pen spoke about the presidential debate that took place on Wednesday evening. The French press, in particular, widely believed that it did not do the job of confronting the outgoing president.

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IsAfter a heated debate, two presidential finalists, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, returned to the field on Thursday to mobilize their troops and try to appease those who had not decided on the final day of the campaign.

Marine Le Pen, especially to BFMTV’s microphone, turned to the previous day’s presidential debate and the criticism she could face: “When I’m sharp, so am I. When I’m low, I’m not good enough. For me, what matters to me is what the French think. An hour and twenty minutes is impossible to complete like my plan, because it’s time for each of us to discuss. ⁇

He further added that he wanted to make it clear to the French people that “my vision is the concrete steps I want to take”.

“If the French trust me and elect me on Sunday, I will be president of Sovereignty and Daily. I think that is what they expect.”

“Before me was Emmanuel Macron, who was like him: very contemptible, very arrogant, including his posture.”

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