October 7, 2022


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“Maybe we should re-impose restrictions”

When an advisory panel meets or decides this Friday on new relaxations in Belgium, British experts warn their government ministers. The reason? We must be prepared for the arrival of a new variant of Govit-19, just like a new epidemic.

According to the SAGE, a team of scientists advising the British government on finding such a mutation is a “realistic possibility”. An emergency plan is necessary because current vaccines may not work against this new strain.

“Same situation we experienced a year ago”

Graham Medley, professor of infectious diseases and a member of SAGE, talks about this in The Guardian and notes that “one step back in a certain way”: “The advantage is that we know that vaccines can be developed against this virus. Quickly …

Mark Baguelin, of Imperial College London, insists on developing a new vaccine. “It will take several months and we will have to re-impose restrictions if there is a high risk to public health,” the British scientist said.

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