November 26, 2022


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Mediapart Censored: For the first time a judge blocks an online media outlet from publishing an article

Mediapart has banned the publication of new information about the mayor of Saint-Étienne Gael Bertrieu, including his previous revelations that he allegedly made threats in an intimate video. The investigative media announced on its website on Mondaycondemnation”Unprecedented pre-censorshipThis order of the Paris court, on Friday, November 18, Mr. Mediapart reported that it was released hastily at the request of Bertrieu.

It was an unprecedented decision for lawyers and journalists alike“, Mediapart’s director of publishing, Eddy Plenell, told AFP. According to him, this “A very exceptional process“Who Didn’t”Never seen in journalism“.

Mediapart was not informed of this procedure and the order was taken by the judge as our newspaper could not protect its work and its rights.“, condemned Mr. Plenel in a post published on Monday by Mediapart.”She urges us“do not publish”New revelations about the Saint-Etienne mayor’s political practices, particularly based on the same records, allowed his first centrist deputy, Gilles Artigues, to expose the scandal of the sextape blackmail victim.“, continues Mr. Plenell. According to the text of the order, Mediapart must pay “10,000 euros were issued in one extract“.

…all possible legal means to put an end to this censorship as soon as possible

According to Mediapart, Mr. Bertriu “Invasion of privacy“The court should be asked about the non-publication of this article. The investigating journalist had earlier asked him his position on the “new facts” alleged in the article.

Mr. According to Plenell, these facts “Saint-Etienne questions the mayor’s practices, particularly in using gossip as a political tool“.”This time, their victim is a notable figure on the right, Laurent Wauquiez, LR leader of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.“, he adds.

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Our attorneys are pursuing all possible legal remedies to bring an end to this audit as soon as possible.“, Mr. Plenell underlines, drawing parallels to another court decision taken by Nanterre’s Commercial Court in early October.

The Altice group was sued for publishing articles based on documents stolen by computer hackers, while information site Reflets was banned from publishing others. An appeal hearing will be held in Versailles on Wednesday.