March 21, 2023


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Moscow rejects “concessions” in talks with Washington

Russia rejected on Sunday “Offer“During high-level talks with the United States in Geneva on security in Ukraine and Europe, he added.”Disappointment“By”Signals“Sent by Washington.

We will not accept any offer. This is completely excludedDeputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryapkov told Russian news agencies that he would attend the talks.

We are disappointed with the recent signals from Washington and Brussels“, He added.

Representatives of Russia and the United States will meet in Geneva on Sunday evening Amid high tensions ahead of an important meeting the next day on security in Ukraine and Europe.

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Russia accuses West of amassing tens of thousands of troops on the border with neighboring Ukraine In anticipation of a possible invasion, Moscow refuses.

Negotiations were held in Geneva following Russia’s demands.Guaranteed for his safetyNATO’s commitment not to unify Ukraine and the withdrawal of American troops from the eastern countries of the Atlantic Alliance are at the height of his demands.

These requests “Unacceptable“By many Western authorities.

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Last month, US President Joe Biden threatened his Russian President Vladimir Putin with sanctions.Like he had never seen“If Moscow attacks Ukraine.

Our US and NATO counterparts may be reluctant to realize what we need.Ryapkov said on Sunday.

Although “Threats that are constantly created against us (…) We will not make any concessions“, He continued, it would be sum”Act against our own interests, against our security interests“.

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