August 17, 2022


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Muscle arrest of a mother who came on a bike with her little girl makes Lily angry (videos)

This Friday at 1 p.m., Pierre-Moro Roy, near St. Maurice Square, howls. According to witnesses at the scene, the young man was riding a bicycle with his young daughter when he collided head-on with a municipal police officer. The latter would have pushed her through the reflex. “Excessive anger or, of course, fear,” the mother promises an onlooker, who then throws a bottle of water in the officer’s face.

Surrounded by municipal police

Then things would have been taken in tremendous proportions. Dozens of passers-by gathered at the scene say the mother was thrown against a window, knocked to the ground and then tried to handcuff her. In front of the baby she was crying and screaming with all her might. “It’s a shame,” the audience shouted, while others shouted at the police. “It’s rubbish, a witness says. Look, at what level did they put the smallest, and how many contraction sessions would it take? She should be shocked!

The opposite version of the police

Except that the version of the municipal police officers is very different. “Three officers patrolled the city center. One of them was attacked by a cyclist on the sidewalk without a helmet. Her daughter was also without a helmet,” explains Franில்லிois Deprew, director of security and peace in Lilly. “The man was already angry, so colleagues decided to verbalize them. . The pressure on her side was increasing so she wanted to clear one of the officers and threw his bike at him. “

When one of the officers approaches the child who is worried about the situation, the mother will pull more out of its hinges. “Then she was punched twice in the face,” says Franுவாois Deprewer. Three witnesses will confirm these facts.

Several police guards were dispatched there.
Several police guards were dispatched there.

Due to ill health, the mother was eventually taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital by firefighters. Two municipal police officers, for their part, lodged a complaint in the afternoon for violence. The investigation continues.

The arrest caused a stir among passers-by.
The arrest caused a stir among passers-by. – Pascal Bonnier (VDN)

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