August 19, 2022


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Naphtali Bennett appointed Benjamin Netanyahu to rule for 12 years

Israel has opened a new page in its history.Alliance of change“Ending the longest reign of Benjamin Netanyahu in the history of the country. Naphtali Bennett The The new prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been in power for 12 years.

Of the current 119 delegates (120 in parliament), 60 voted in favor of the new coalition, which goes from right to left, including the support of an Arab party. Fifty-nine MPs, mostly Mr. This was opposed by members of Netanyahu’s Likud party, the far-right and the radical Orthodox Party.

In the process, each member of the 36th government of Israel took office on the Knesset platform, beginning with Naphtali Bennett.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud took first place in last March’s election, although a majority of 61 delegates did not mobilize to form a government. Faced with a stalemate, President Reuven Rivlin asked then-opposition leader Yur Lapidt to try his luck.

The latter were victorious in the extremists in early June, when the two left parties formed an alliance, two centers, three from the center, three from the right and – the most rare in Israeli history – an Arab party, the Ram formation moderate Islamist Mansour Abbas.

Masked, outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the opposition, sat up from his seat and then shook hands with his successor before leaving parliament.

Mickey Levy, Speaker of Parliament

Israeli MPs elect Speaker of Parliament Mickey Levy on Sunday In a referendum on a new government coalition to end the term of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The centrist Yesh Adit Party (“has a future”) MP. Levy, elected by 69, 67 votes (out of 120 in Parliament). Mr. Netanyahu’s party, Likud MP He is appointed to replace Yariv Levine.

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