August 19, 2022


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NASA has selected its next ten astronauts from 12,000 applicants: what to expect here

NASA on Monday evening shared a list of ten new astronauts who will begin training next January at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. With no less than 12,000 candidates, the U.S. government agency selected six men and four women to “represent the United States and work for the good of humanity.” The recruits ranged in age from 32 to 45 years.

Two Air Force commanders (Nicole Ayers and Marcos Perios), a lieutenant, a commander and lieutenant commander of the Navy (Denise Burnham, Jack Hathaway, Jessica Whitner), a former national team track cyclist (Christina Birch) and a NASA research pilot Luke Delaney), Johns Hopkins University Staff (Andre Douglas), USX Coast Guard (SpaceX) Flight Surgeon (Anil Menon) and Medical Physicist (Christopher Williams))

This is the first class of future astronauts created in four years. Beginning January 2022, it will begin a two-year training session during which its members will receive training on the operation and maintenance of complex systems on the International Space Station, improving space missions, developing complex robotic capabilities, and safe use from T. -38 Training aircraft. They also need to develop their skills in the Russian language.

Only if they complete this exercise satisfactorily will they really become astronauts. If so, they could carry out research at the space station, launch from a commercial-built spacecraft from American soil, and make deep space missions to locations such as the moon and space launch system rocket on NASA’s Orion spacecraft.

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