August 19, 2022


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NBA agency: Lakers plan could be Buddy Heald and Eric Gordon

NBA agency: Lakers plan could be Buddy Heald and Eric Gordon

while the Lakers They were active with a seemingly premium plan in free agency to get a much younger age than last season, an area they didn’t touch on was shooting. They have taken great strides forward Where DraftKings lists them at +1300 odds of winning the titlefourth best in the Western Conference and eighth best odds overall.

But that major weakness is still there and it’s something they’ll have to fix if they want to compete for the title. The team believes they can handle shooting in other ways with their final positions on the roster, Possible trade with Kyrie Irving being the prime example.

Despite being as vulnerable as Russell Westbrook was the shooter alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Kerry is the complete opposite. As for his career, Irving is a 39.3% 3-point shooter and over the past eight seasons, he has only had two seasons of less than 40% in shooting from range.

Getting it by swapping Westbrook would go a long way to addressing their shooting fears, but it comes dangerously close to putting all of their eggs in one basket. If they can’t complete this deal, it leaves them with a really big flaw list.

Fortunately, and perhaps predictably, the Lakers seem to have a backup plan if the Irving deal doesn’t work out. A pair of veteran snipers – one the team knows well – can be targeted, as mentioned Dave McMenamin on ESPN’s NBA TODAY Friday.

If Kyrie doesn’t work out, they have plans – or plans they hope they can implement – to bring filming on that list in other directions. Whether it’s a seasoned veteran like Buddy Hield, who they almost got involved in last year on draft day and you see Indiana traded away from Malcolm Brogdon and there might be more moves to come, or maybe a guy like Eric Gordon in Houston. These guys aren’t Kyrie Irving of course, but they are players they feel they might be able to acquire to help their team.

Both players must be familiar to Lakers fans as both have been linked to the franchise over the past year. It was Buddy Hield Oh so close to being a laker last year before the team traded Westbrook, a move they certainly regretted.

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It was Eric Gordon then Linked to the Lakers in the Westbrook trade all season Especially on the trade deadline. then , The Lakers rejected the idea of ​​including the draft footage To get out of the Westbrook deal, but will their position change after failing to trade off Ross again?

Hield and Gordon are both established shooters, with the former hitting 39.8% of his triceps career while the latter was a 41.2% shooter last year. Neither of them alone will solve the Lakers’ shooting problems on the roster. But they are both among the most respected long-term professionals in the league and they will have more appeal than anyone at the Lakers last season or perhaps any season in recent memory.

But just because the Lakers have a plan B doesn’t mean it will work. The Lakers face an uphill battle to climb no matter what deal they are looking to complete.

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