August 8, 2022


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Nearly 1,500 students were sent home: the school would be occupied by spiders

Dustin’s school in Northampton, England, was closed today on suspicion of spider infestation, Northamptons Live reported. According to a letter sent to parents yesterday, the school is being invaded by “false black widows”. The wrong widow is often confused with the most dangerous black widow, she bites, but very rarely, a man.

They are frequently seen at this time of year, and the Wildlife Foundation describes them as “very rare” human bite cases, comparing them to wasp bites.

Second school affected by spider invasion

This is the second time a school in Northamptonshire has been closed for spiders if the infection is confirmed. In fact, the Malcolm Arnold Academy had to close temporarily earlier this month on Friday, September 17, after a “small number” of fake widows were found, Northands Live reported.

The school, located on Trinity Avenue in Northampton, was evicted earlier this month

The students stayed home the following Monday while dealing with the incident.

In a letter to all parents, Dustin Principal Sam Strickland confirmed that elementary and secondary students should stay home. When the arachnids were removed it was clarified that not all staff and students could go to school.

But students don’t get a day off, and teachers offer to give them assignments online.

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