October 7, 2022


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Nearly 60,000 euros were stolen from the users of the app!

A new Whatsapp scam on mobile phones right now! Crooks invented a new technique: manipulation … parents!

Fraudsters do this by pretending to be the child of the recipient of the message. The victims of fraud are convinced that their offspring need money through an SMS like this: “Hello mom / dad, I am ashamed to ask you … but I have to ask you something very important. I can not make money transfers using my phone, the last payment today is to me Yes, but it’s not possible because security checks are linked to my number.

This is obviously a scam, not your son or daughter in need of money. In the United Kingdom, the Whatsapp scam has already deceived many parents and stolen a total of 50,000 (, 59,369).

The calls and messages of these fraudsters are made by accident. They try their luck in the hope of finding relatives. If you receive this kind of message, the first instinct is to block the number!

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