January 30, 2023


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Neck and neck Social Democrats and Conservatives

Angela Merkel’s Social Democrats and Conservatives are strangling themselves in the German general election, according to results aired Sunday on public television channels. According to data provided by the ZF Channel, Olaf Scholz’s SPD ranges from 24% to 26% for the Christian Democrats, led by Armin Lachett. However, these figures should be taken with caution as there are a large number of postal voters who are not taken into account in these polls.

The SPD, like the Conservatives already, has demanded the formation of the next government, even if it retreats. “We will do everything we can to form a government led by the union“Christian Democrats (CDU) and Christian Social (CSU, its Bavarian ally), their leader, Armin Lashed, said the Social Democrats were leading the talks., However, he insisted that the Conservative camp could not.Not satisfied“The decline recorded during the polls.

AfD, an extreme right-wing party, for its part “Solid results“Its main candidate, Dino Grupalla, says that according to preliminary estimates, the AfD should get 10 to 11% of the vote, which means it has conveniently crossed the 5% mark for the second time. In the last 2017 election, the AfD received 12.6% of the vote.

We have a concentrated voter center“, Welcomed the leader of the political formation, saying that the aim of the traditional parties was to clearly fail to oust the AfD from the bandwagon.

According to exit polls, the Greens received about 15% of the vote. In the last Buntstock election in 2017, the party won 8.9%. The previous best result was obtained by the party in 2009 with 10.7% of the vote.

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CEO Annalena Barbach praisedHistorical resultsAccording to her, this is the first time the Crown Party has had a chance. “Should be a leading force in shaping the country“In a poll taken earlier this year, the Greens performed very well and Ms. Berbaugh admitted that she had made a mistake in her campaign.”We wanted more“, She announced on the night of the party’s election, where she was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. If the result was not as expected, it was her fault, she admitted.

However, with the expected 15%, the Greens could gain a prominent place in the coalition negotiations. “This country needs a climate regime40-year-old Annalena Barbach said.We will fight for this with all of you.