December 8, 2022


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Neighborhoods closed, shops closed … Part of Brussels stopped for Joe Biden: “I look a bit exaggerated”

Joe Biden has been in Belgium since yesterday. The US President has arrived on his Air Force One flight and will be with us until tomorrow. However, the people of Brussels are almost unlikely to see it, near or far.

Everything was planned for him to leave the embassy. The neighborhood was completely besieged and the security system was impressive. A French couple our group met came especially for this occasion. “I really love America, passing through the region, I told myself it was an opportunity. We don’t get a chance to see the American president nearby every day“, Confirms man.”This is the American superpower and above all, the hope that after Donald Trump, he will represent the United States and the world.“, The woman adds.

In Brussels today, everyone is leaving for Joe Biden. For others it is a different matter. “Impossible to pass, we have to pass everything to wait for some shops, so this is a little hell. Today, I advise everyone not to come to Brussels“, Says a passerby.

“Who’s going to pay for this revenue?”

J.I have a recognition, but in spite of everything, they will not let me. I find it a bit exaggerated“, A man explains.

On one street, dozens of shops had to close. “Who will pay this revenue, Asks a motorist. Joe Biden when he made a mistake.“Patrick was going to deliver 100 sets today. He will deliver two.”It’s two days less delivery, so probably two days of shopping too. Considering the crisis we have already experienced, I think it is not cold.

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It only took a few minutes for Joe Biden to get to NATO. Then everything will return to normal.