February 3, 2023


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“Never again!”: WHO’s cry on Govt’s face

“All of this will happen again until you, the nations of the world, come together and say with one voice: No more!” – The supreme decision-making body of the World Health Organization, which unites its 194 members.

This three-day meeting is the second special session of the World Health Council.

WHO members on Sunday agreed to begin talks on developing an international tool to prevent and combat the disease. At the three-day meeting, WHO members will formally review the draft agreement.

“The time has come to rise above this epidemic and leave a legacy for generations,” Tetros said.

“The appearance of Omigran is another reminder that Kovit is not finished with us,” he continued, noting that the world does not need “another reminder of order.”

The new Omicron variant “shows why the world needs a new deal,” he said.

The Wildlife Conservation Society, which works for the conservation of nature, commented that “as the World Health Organization considers the International Convention on Epidemiology, governments must ensure that prevention is addressed at the source of this agreement.” “Governments and multinational corporations must break their sectoral loopholes, reconsider economic policies and cooperate around the common goal of preventing future epidemics. Recognizing the intrinsic link between human, animal and plant health and fundamental importance is an essential first and foremost function of our health and well-being.” Environment.

The draft agreement, which WHO members formally agreed to on Sunday, provides for the creation of an intergovernmental body to draw up and negotiate with the WHO “a conference, agreement or other international tool on” a conference, agreement or response to epidemics.

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An interim report is expected in May 2023. The results should be on the table of the World Health Assembly by May 2024.