August 10, 2022


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New measures to deal with the spread of govt, only those who have been vaccinated can go to restaurants, bars, and theaters.

Faced with the rise of new cases of Covit-19 affecting Europe, Italy on Wednesday adopted new measures, including acceleration of the booster dose of the vaccine and restrictions on those not vaccinated.

“Our situation is one of the best in Europe,” Prime Minister Mario Draghi told reporters.

The government has decided that those who are not vaccinated will no longer have access to restaurants, bars, theaters, theaters, nightclubs and weight rooms.

It can only be accessed by those who have been vaccinated and who have been cured for less than six months, while those who have been allowed to enter so far by showing a negative result of the test can no longer do so.

The measures are valid until at least January 15th

These measures will take effect from December 6 and are valid until January 15 if the situation does not worsen.

In addition, from Wednesday, all Italians over the age of 40 will receive a booster dose five months after the second dose, with the Ministry of Health deciding to reduce the initial six-month period.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza said people over the age of 18 could receive the third dose from December 1.

The third mandatory dose

This third dose will be mandatory for all health workers from December 15.

The vaccination duty, which has hitherto been valid for health and teaching staff, will be extended to administrative staff in both these departments and to all members of the police and military.

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), the European health agency responsible for epidemics, on Wednesday called on Europe to take “urgent” action in the face of the new wave of Covit-19. The WHO (World Health Organization) is at risk of another massacre this winter with more than 700,000 additional deaths.

Italy, which has paid a heavy price with more than 133,000 deaths since the outbreak, is a good student who has vaccinated more than 75% of the population in Europe.

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