October 7, 2022


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New suspicious death among Putin’s relatives: Russian oligarch “fell” off boat

The death of the head of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation adds to a long list of Russian energy executives dying in mysterious ways.

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V.SThis is not the first time a Russian president’s inner circle has mysteriously lost one of its members. As we said Head Ladsday News, a close friend of Vladimir Putin, died suspiciously after falling from his yacht. Ivan Pechorin, 39, was the Russian elite’s trusted man for Arctic development.

His body was found on Monday after two days in the Sea of ​​Japan, about 160 kilometers from the city of Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East, according to a local news site. VL.ru.

The Russian Association for the Development of the Far East and Arctic is a program led by Vladimir Putin aimed at developing energy and mineral resources in the east of the country in response to international sanctions against Russia. According to a Russian newspaperKomsomolskaya PravdaPechorin was responsible for aircraft modernization and resource development.

Our colleaguesHead Ladsday News Note that he will be the second senior officer of this company to die unexpectedly. As a result, former general manager Igor Nozov died of a stroke last February.

And the list of suspicious deaths surrounding the Russian president continues to grow. Earlier this month, local media reported that the chairman of the board of Russian oil giant Lukoil, Ravil Makhanov, had died. The 67-year-old reportedly fell from a window at a Moscow hospital. Six months ago, the oil company criticized Russia’s aggression against Ukraine Head Ladsday News.

At least eight oligarchs linked to the Russian energy sector have died under murky circumstances this year.

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