August 19, 2022


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New testimonies overwhelm Nicholas Hulot: “People knew and said nothing”

The revelations of Ellis Lucet’s groups caused a stir last Thursday: Nicholas Hulod was sexually abused by several women. This Thursday’s Paris match brings new testimonies.

Jospin, a former government minister whose name is not known, confirms that his daughter accuses Nicholas Hulod of assaulting him in 2006. He had tried to kiss the young woman, who was able to push him away and escape. The Ushuaia presenter chases her. “He had arranged for her to meet him at his place. She did not suspect because I knew him well.” She says. The former minister promises that his daughter is ready now To testify before the police

Paris match journalists also say “People know, say nothing. Pascal Mitterrand, the granddaughter of Fran முதல்ois Mitterrand, the first woman to file a complaint against Nicholas Hulod in 2008, has already spoken out about the rape she suffered in 1997. “Especially at the Photo Journalism Festival, two months after the event, in front of an audience of photographers, Visa pour l’image “, According to the Paris competition.

“The article is backed by the words of many figures in the political world or the media who know the reputation of a former minister like Audrey Bulwar.Nicholas is a woman, he flirts with everything he moves. “, Or a former adviser to the Ministry of Environment speaks “Runner” With “Proven consumption by women“Europe Ecology Leswerts within the Party.”I know there’s something wrong with him. ” Raphaëlle Rémy-Leleu, EELV spokeswoman for Ile de France, told the weekly magazine.

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Hlotot’s relatives, interviewed by the press, instead challenge the knowledge of these allegations.

According to Emmanuel Macron, we must support freedom of speech

During a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron also spoke about his former minister. We will never accept a society that is opaque or complacent. And we don’t want a community of inquiry either. It is therefore a challenge to facilitate and support the emancipation of the word, the collection of complaints, and the efficiency of justice. A lot more, we will continue to work resolutely in this direction. ”